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YAYA ORGANICS Dog Whisperer Tick Flea Spray

Product information

This is a spray that keeps ticks and fleas away from dogs. It is made from plants and smells nice.

Product Ratings:

  • our rating
    73 out of 100

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$130 - $145AUD

product review and rating of YAYA ORGANICS Dog Whisperer Tick Flea Spray

product features:

  • Natural Ingredients: The product is made from plant-derived ingredients, including essential oils and organic castor and soybean oils, without harmful substances.
  • Pleasant Aroma and Texture: The spray has a strong but pleasant herbal aroma that dissipates quickly and does not leave a greasy residue on pets' fur.
  • Effective Repellent: The product effectively repels ticks and fleas, with consistent usage resulting in pets remaining free from infestations.

editorial review:

The flea spray we're talking about is a good choice for your pet. It's made from natural ingredients and is very effective. You can use it easily by spraying it directly on your pet. Make sure to cover the legs, belly, and neck areas well. You can also use the spray on your own skin, clothes, or gear for extra protection. 

The smell of the spray is fresh and like herbs. It won't irritate or leave a greasy feel. The ingredients are all from plants, so it's safe for all dogs and even people too. The spray doesn't have any bad chemicals like deet, permethrin, clove, eugenol or alcohol in it. Instead, it has essential oils like cedarwood, peppermint, rosemary, geranium, lemongrass and thyme along with organic castor and soybean oils which are safe for puppies over 12 weeks old.

what we like:

  • Natural Ingredients: Safe for pets
  • Pleasant Aroma: Leaves pet smelling fresh
  • Effective Repellent: Keeps pests away
  • Easy Application: Spray directly on pet

what could be better:

  • Strong Smell: Can be overpowering
  • Frequent Application: Needs regular reapplication
our rating:
our rating
73 out of 100

A score in the 70s means most customers will be satisfied, but there minor weaknesses that higher scoring products do not have.

where to buy:

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product questions about YAYA ORGANICS Dog Whisperer Tick Flea Spray

  • Can you use the spray for other things besides on dogs?

    Yes, you can. Even though it's made for dogs, some people use it to keep mosquitoes away when they are outside gardening or working.

  • What does YAYA Organics flea spray smell like?

    The spray smells fresh and herbal. Some people think it smells strong but nice, like mint.

  • What is in YAYA Organics flea spray?

    The spray has special oils in it like cedarwood, peppermint, rosemary, geranium, lemongrass and thyme. It also has organic castor oil and soybean oil.

  • Does YAYA Organics flea spray work well on dogs?

    Yes, it does. People who use it say that it keeps ticks away from their dogs. It also helps stop their dogs from itching.

  • Can people also use YAYA Organics flea spray?

    Yes, they can. Some people use the spray before they go outside to garden or work. It keeps mosquitoes away and is safe to put on skin, clothes, and hair.

  • Is YAYA Organics flea spray good for dogs that are allergic to other sprays?

    Yes, it is. Some people say their dogs who are allergic to other sprays can use this one without problems. But always check with a vet if your dog has allergies.