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Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Puzzle Toy

Product information

The interactive dog tornado puzzle toy offers mental stimulation, is crafted from safe materials, simple to clean, and aids in decreasing destructive behaviors.

Product Ratings:

  • our rating
    81 out of 100

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£20 - £24GBP

product review and rating of Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Puzzle Toy

product features:

  • Tornado Puzzle with Three Tiers: The Outward Hound Nina Ottosson dog Tornado puzzle has three tiers and twelve compartments. Your dog spins the tiers to find hidden treats.
  • Reduces Destructive Behaviors: This puzzle toy helps prevent boredom-related destructive behaviors like chewing or digging.
  • Safe and Easy-to-Clean Materials: Made from BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free materials, this puzzle toy is safe for your dog's health. Cleaning is easy with warm water and soap.

editorial review:

The Tornado puzzle is an outstanding interactive toy. It features three tiers and twelve compartments, allowing you to hide treats or kibble for your dog to find by spinning the tiers. For added difficulty, you can use the three bone-shaped covers that come with the toy. 

This puzzle toy not only provides excellent mental exercise for your dog but is also made from safe BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free materials. It is easy to clean with warm water and soap, just make sure all compartments are dry before using it again. Remember to supervise playtime and routinely inspect the toy for any damage. The Dog Tornado Puzzle Toy effectively fights boredom by engaging dogs and reducing destructive behaviors like chewing or digging. It's suitable for dogs of any age, size, or breed and encourages independent play.

what we like:

  • Engaging and challenging levels
  • Suitable for various dog breeds and sizes
  • Durable removable parts

what could be better:

  • May be too easy for some dogs
our rating:
our rating
81 out of 100

A score in the 80s means most customers will be satisfied. It is a great product, it is high quality and the brand provides good support.

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product questions about Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Puzzle Toy

  • Why is it important to supervise your dog while they're using puzzle toys like this one?

    Supervising your dog during playtime ensures that they don't damage the toy or accidentally swallow small parts, such as bone-shaped covers, which could pose a choking hazard.

  • Who can benefit from using Outward Hound's Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Puzzle Toy?

    Dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds may benefit from engaging with interactive toys like these because they provide mental exercise alongside physical activity—especially helpful during times when outdoor activities are limited due to weather conditions or other factors.

  • Why is it essential for pet products like Outward Hound's puzzle toy not contain harmful materials such as BPA or PVC compounds? Why are phthalate-free materials important too?

    Ensuring products don't contain harmful chemicals helps keep pets safe and healthy since animals often put items directly into their mouths when playing; avoiding exposure to toxic substances reduces potential health risks associated with ingestion or contact with those toxins.

  • How do you clean and maintain the durability and longevity of the Dog Tornado Puzzle Toy?

    Easy cleaning involves just hand washing with warm soapy water, rinsing, and drying, ensuring it is completely dry before refilling for more fun time. This also includes regularly inspecting the toy for signs of wear and replacing it as needed, which will extend its life and prevent possible harm caused by damaged parts.

  • How can you increase the difficulty level of this Dog Tornado Puzzle Toy?

    You can make this puzzle more difficult by adding white plastic handles that lock into place under triangular discs; these have to be pulled out before rotating tiles and finding treats hidden underneath.

  • How does the Dog Tornado Puzzle Toy provide mental stimulation for dogs?

    The toy provides mental stimulation by challenging dogs to figure out how to access treats hidden in compartments. Dogs must spin the tiers and remove bone-shaped covers in order to reveal their rewards, encouraging problem-solving skills.