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PawHut Elevated Camping Pet Bed with Metal Frame

Product information

Raised pet bed with a metal frame, made for good air movement and keeping pets cool in hot weather. Uses strong, easy-to-breathe 600D Oxford fabric, fits small to medium-sized dogs and is simple to put together.

Product Ratings:

  • our rating
    87 out of 100

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£20 - £25GBP

product review and rating of PawHut Elevated Camping Pet Bed with Metal Frame

product features:

  • Elevated design: The elevated design promotes better airflow, offering a comfortable and well-ventilated space for pets.
  • Cooling effect: In hot conditions, these beds help keep pets cool by allowing air circulation when used with a fan.
  • Durable material: The high-quality 600D Oxford fabric is breathable, easy to clean, and resistant to pet-induced damage.

editorial review:

Elevated dog beds provide a comfortable and cool resting place for pets, especially when placed outdoors. These beds lift dogs off the ground, promoting better airflow and offering a cozy, well-ventilated space. Made from high-quality 600D Oxford fabric, the beds are breathable, easy to clean, and maintain. The strong metal frame gives reliable support and keeps the bed's shape intact, making it suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. 

Assembling an elevated dog bed is simple, and once set up, it is durable and resistant to damage from a pet's paws or teeth. If needed, blankets can be added on top of the bed for extra comfort. The raised design also helps prevent condensation that may occur on hard floors under traditional dog beds. Many users find these beds perfect for older dogs who struggle with getting up from floor-level beds due to stiffness or joint issues. In hot weather conditions, elevated dog beds help keep pets cool by allowing air circulation around them when used with a fan blowing cool air underneath the bed.

what we like:

  • Elevated design for better airflow
  • Keeps pets cool in hot conditions
  • Durable 600D Oxford fabric
  • Easy assembly

what could be better:

  • Assembly difficulty for some users
  • Limited weight capacity
our rating:
our rating
87 out of 100

A score in the 80s means most customers will be satisfied. It is a great product, it is high quality and the brand provides good support.

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product questions about PawHut Elevated Camping Pet Bed with Metal Frame

  • Is it easy to clean the fabric on this bed?

    Yes, the fabric used for this bed is strong and simple to clean. It can be wiped with a damp cloth or hosed off for deeper cleaning. The fabric dries fast, keeping the bed clean and cozy for pets.

  • What makes this bed easy to take on trips?

    This bed is lightweight and easy to fold up. It comes with a carry bag, making it simple for pet owners to bring it along on vacations or outings. Pets can have a comfy place to rest wherever they go.

  • Why are raised beds good for older dogs with trouble moving?

    Raised beds help older dogs with movement problems because they put less pressure on their joints. They also keep dogs away from cold, hard floors and allow air to flow under the bed. This helps dogs stay comfortable and not get too hot or cold.

  • Is putting together and taking apart this pet bed simple?

    Putting together and taking apart this pet bed is easy. It comes with clear instructions and usually only needs basic tools. The bed can be taken apart for storage or travel when needed.

  • Can this bed hold heavier dogs without falling over?

    Yes, this bed has a strong metal frame that supports heavier dogs well. It can hold pets up to 11.3 kg, so it's good for small and medium-sized pets.

  • How does the raised design help pets stay comfortable?

    The raised design lets air flow under the bed, helping pets stay at a comfortable temperature. The breathable fabric in the middle of the bed also adds extra comfort by letting air pass through while still supporting pets.