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Wagg Training Dog Treats Variety Pack

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Wagg Training Treats come in different flavors and are good for dogs with food allergies. They have vitamins and minerals, making them healthy rewards for dogs 8 weeks old and up.

Product Ratings:

  • our rating
    96 out of 100

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£10 - £12GBP

product review and rating of Wagg Training Dog Treats Variety Pack

product features:

  • Flavor variety: Wagg Training Treats provide a diverse range of flavors, appealing to even the most selective eaters.
  • Allergy-friendly: These treats are suitable for dogs with food allergies, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Nutritious: Enriched with vitamins and minerals, these treats offer essential nutrients while serving as rewards.

editorial review:

Wagg Training Treats are an excellent choice for rewarding your dog and providing essential nutrients. These oven-baked treats have a delicious and natural taste that appeals to dogs, making them suitable for even the most selective eaters. With various flavors available, there is something to satisfy every dog's taste buds. 

These treats not only offer a tasty reward but also contribute positively to your dog's health. Wagg Training Treats are enriched with extra vitamins and minerals, promoting overall well-being. They are suitable for all dogs aged 8 weeks and older, allowing you to give them as a supplementary food option confidently. Many dog owners have used these treats successfully for training purposes or enticing their dogs to return when they wander off. 

It is essential to give Wagg Training Treats in moderation, especially if your dog is on a diet. Be mindful not to exceed their daily treat allowance, ensuring they maintain a healthy weight while enjoying these delightful rewards. By choosing Wagg Training Treats, you can offer a nutritious and appetizing treat that both you and your dog will appreciate.

what we like:

  • Flavor variety
  • Allergy-friendly
  • Nutritious
  • Oven-baked

what could be better:

  • Calorie content
  • Limited size options
our rating:
our rating
96 out of 100

A score of 90 and above means nearly all customers will be satisfied! It is an excellent product, it is high quality, the brand provides good support, and you likely can't go wrong with this purchase.

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product questions about Wagg Training Dog Treats Variety Pack

  • How does baking the treats help keep them tasty and good for dogs?

    Baking the Wagg treats helps keep them tasty and good for dogs because it keeps the natural goodness of the ingredients and makes them have a nice texture. This makes the treats taste great and stay healthy for dogs.

  • How do the many flavors of Wagg treats make dogs happy?

    The many flavors of Wagg treats make dogs happy because there is something for every dog's taste. With so many choices, even picky dogs can find a flavor they love.

  • Can dogs with food allergies or on diets have Wagg treats?

    Wagg treats might be okay for dogs with food allergies or on diets because they use natural ingredients and have added vitamins and minerals. But it is important for pet owners to check the ingredients and talk to their vet before giving their dog any new treats.

  • Why do picky dogs like Wagg treats?

    Picky dogs like Wagg treats because they have natural ingredients, different flavors, and are baked in a way that keeps them tasty and healthy. These things make the treats very yummy and good for dogs.

  • What healthy things are added to Wagg Training Treats?

    Wagg Training Treats have healthy things like vitamins A, D, and E, and minerals such as calcium, iron, and zinc. These help keep a dog's skin, coat, bones, and immune system strong and healthy.

  • How can people use Wagg treats to help train their dog?

    People can use Wagg treats to help train their dog by giving them as a reward when the dog does something good or follows a command. The yummy taste makes the dog want to do well in training so they can get more treats.