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Lu&Ba Waterproof Dog Training Collar with Remote

Product information

Easy-to-use dog collar with a sound for calling back your pet. It's made strong, doesn't lose color, and the battery lasts long.

Product Ratings:

  • our rating
    81 out of 100

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11920 - 13110INR

product review and rating of Lu&Ba Waterproof Dog Training Collar with Remote

product features:

  • User-friendly: The design of the Lu&Ba collar is user-friendly, with features like a beep function for recall training and extended battery life.
  • Training Efficiency: The collar effectively curbs unwanted behaviors in dogs, including fence aggression and road wandering.
  • Durability: The Lu&Ba collar is made of durable materials that resist graying and fading, ensuring longevity.

editorial review:

The Lu&Ba Shock Collar is a great tool for training your dog. It has three modes. Each mode has a different color light. Green means beep mode, yellow is for vibration, and red is for shock. The collar lets you adjust the shock level from 1 to 16 to keep your pet safe. 

The collar works up to 3000 feet away without anything in the way and 500 feet away with things in the way. This makes it easy to train your dog in different places. The remote has a safety switch so it won't shock by accident if it's in your pocket. The collar is waterproof so your dog can swim or play in the rain. 

The battery lasts a long time on the Lu&Ba Shock Collar. After charging for two hours, the collar works for up to 30 days and the remote works for 60 days. But after one year, you may need to charge the remote's battery more often. 

People say this collar is good at stopping bad behavior and keeping dogs from going too far away. Usually, you only need to use the shock mode once or twice when you first start training. After that, you can use beep or vibration modes to remind your dog of what they've learned.

what we like:

  • User-friendly Design
  • Training Efficiency
  • Durable Materials
  • Extended Range

what could be better:

  • Limited Remote Battery Life
  • Limited Use in Obstructed Areas
our rating:
our rating
81 out of 100

A score in the 80s means most customers will be satisfied. It is a great product, it is high quality and the brand provides good support.

where to buy:

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product questions about Lu&Ba Waterproof Dog Training Collar with Remote

  • Can small dogs use this shock collar too?

    Yes, they can. Even small dogs like pugs can use this shock collar.

  • How long can the battery of the shock collar work?

    Once it's fully charged, the battery in the dog's collar can work for thirty days. The remote control's battery can work for sixty days. Both have lights that tell you when it's time to charge them again.

  • Are there different ways to train dogs with this shock collar?

    Absolutely The Lu&Ba shock collar has three ways to train dogs a beep sound, a vibration, and a safe shock. Each one has a different colored light so you know which one you're using.

  • What's the name of the shock collar brand?

    The shock collar is made by a company called Lu&Ba.

  • Does the shock collar come with a remote control?

    Yes, it does. The Lu&Ba shock collar comes with a remote control that lets you choose between the different training ways and how strong they are.

  • Does the shock collar help dogs behave better?

    Yes, it does. The Lu&Ba shock collar helps dogs stop being aggressive and bark less. It has a beep sound that helps correct bad behaviors.