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Pedigree Puppy Tasty Minis Dry Dog Treat Chicken

Product information

Pedigree Puppy Tasty Minis are easy-to-chew dry treats for young dogs aged 4-18 months. They have Omega 3 for good health and do not have any extra preservatives or fake colors or flavors.

Product Ratings:

  • our rating
    82 out of 100

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200 - 225INR

product review and rating of Pedigree Puppy Tasty Minis Dry Dog Treat Chicken

product features:

  • Texture: The dry, chunky texture is designed for easy chewing and digestion in young dogs.
  • No additives: The absence of added preservatives and artificial colors or flavors ensures a healthy treat option.
  • Omega 3: The inclusion of Omega 3 supports overall health, fitness, and vitality in growing puppies.

editorial review:

Fit for Life dog training treats are specially designed for puppies aged 4-18 months. These treats are not only delicious but also provide health benefits for your growing pup. With Omega 3 in the ingredients, your puppy can enjoy a treat that promotes fitness and activity throughout their life. The absence of added preservatives or artificial colors and flavors ensures these treats are a healthy option during training sessions. 

The chicken flavor of these treats is very appealing to dogs, making them an effective tool for teaching your puppy new commands. The dry, chunky texture is easy for young dogs to chew and digest. Many pet owners have found success using Fit for Life dog training treats, as the enticing aroma attracts even the most stubborn puppies. When using these treats as a reward during training sessions, it is important to keep them small in size so your puppy can focus on learning without getting distracted by the treat itself.

what we like:

  • Omega 3 for health
  • No additives
  • Chicken flavor
  • Easy to chew texture

what could be better:

  • Limited flavor options
  • For puppies only
our rating:
our rating
82 out of 100

A score in the 80s means most customers will be satisfied. It is a great product, it is high quality and the brand provides good support.

where to buy:

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product questions about Pedigree Puppy Tasty Minis Dry Dog Treat Chicken

  • What do the Pedigree training treats taste like?

    The Pedigree training treats have a delicious chicken flavor that dogs love. This makes it easier to get them excited about learning new things.

  • What are Pedigree training treats used for?

    Pedigree training treats help teach dogs good behavior by giving them a tasty reward when they do something right. They can also be given as a yummy snack anytime.

  • Do the treats have any fake colors or flavors?

    No, the Pedigree training treats don't have any fake colors or flavors. This means they are a healthy choice for your dog during training time.

  • How do the Omega-3s in the treats help puppies stay healthy?

    Omega-3s in the Pedigree training treats help puppies grow up strong by supporting their brains, keeping their skin and fur nice, lowering swelling, and helping their joints work well. These things make sure puppies stay healthy as they grow older.

  • How old should a puppy be to have these treats?

    These treats are made for puppies between 4 and 18 months old. This is an important time when puppies learn new things and need rewards to help them remember.

  • Can all types of dogs enjoy these treats?

    Yes, these treats are made for all kinds of dogs, big and small. This makes it easy for people with different dog breeds to use them.