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YOUSTYLO Priority 16ft TangleFree Dog Leash

Product information

Easy-to-use retractable dog leash with no tangles, a comfortable handle, a single button for braking and locking, and added safety from reflective material. Can extend up to 16 feet.

Product Ratings:

  • our rating
    81 out of 100

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1200 - 1320INR

product review and rating of YOUSTYLO Priority 16ft TangleFree Dog Leash

product features:

  • Tangle-free system: A well-designed retractable dog leash should have a tangle-free system, allowing pets to roam while maintaining user control.
  • Comfortable handle: The handle of a retractable dog leash should be non-slip and comfortable, preventing discomfort during sudden pulls.
  • One-button brake and lock: A good retractable dog leash has a one-button brake and lock system for controlling pet movements while ensuring safety with reflective material.

editorial review:

When evaluating a retractable dog leash, pay close attention to its durability and ease of use. A well-designed leash should have a tangle-free system that allows your pet to roam while you maintain control. Choose a leash made from strong materials, such as nylon woven tape, which can extend up to 16 feet. This gives your dog enough space to explore their surroundings. The handle of the leash should be non-slip and comfortable to hold, preventing discomfort even if your dog pulls suddenly. 

Consider the features and functionality of the retractable dog leash as well. A good leash has a one-button brake and lock system that provides you with control over your pet's movements while still allowing them room to roam. This system lets you engage free mode, lock the leash in place, or smoothly reel it back in effortlessly. Reflective material on the edge of the ribbon is important for increased visibility during nighttime walks, ensuring safety for both you and your pet. By choosing a retractable dog leash with these characteristics, you can create an enjoyable walking experience for both parties involved.

what we like:

  • Tangle-free system
  • Comfortable handle
  • One-button brake and lock
  • Reflective material

what could be better:

  • Learning curve
  • Thin tape appearance
our rating:
our rating
81 out of 100

A score in the 80s means most customers will be satisfied. It is a great product, it is high quality and the brand provides good support.

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product questions about YOUSTYLO Priority 16ft TangleFree Dog Leash

  • How does the lock on the leash work?

    The lock on the leash works with a simple button. The person can use their thumb to lock and unlock the leash, making it easy to control the dog's movement.

  • Can big dogs use this leash?

    Yes, big dogs can use this leash. It is strong and sturdy, so it can handle dogs that weigh up to 110 pounds.

  • How far can the dog go when using this leash?

    The dog can go up to 16 feet away when using this leash. This gives them plenty of room to explore while staying safe.

  • Does this leash help people see better at night?

    Yes, this leash has special reflective material on its edge. This helps people see better at night, making nighttime walks safer for both people and their dogs.

  • Is the rope part of the leash strong?

    The rope part of the leash is very strong. It is made from a tough nylon ribbon and has a special hook that makes it even stronger.

  • What is the handle made of, and is it easy to hold?

    The handle is made of a strong plastic material that is good for the environment. It is also easy and comfortable to hold, even when a dog pulls or runs quickly.