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Dearlomum Retractable Mesh Safety Gate

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Retractable mesh gate offers easy one-hand use, versatile setup, simple installation, and a secure lock.

Product Ratings:

  • our rating
    84 out of 100

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$45 - $50USD

product review and rating of Dearlomum Retractable Mesh Safety Gate

product features:

  • One-Handed Operation and Locking Mechanism: The safety gate allows one-handed operation for opening or closing and features a top locking mechanism to keep children aged 6-24 months or pets weighing 10-40 lbs safely contained.
  • Retractable Mesh and Versatility: The gate stretches to fit various door and stair widths, fully retracts when not in use, eliminates tripping hazards, and works both indoors and outdoors for top-and-bottom stairways and hallways.
  • Easy Installation: The dearlomum retractable mesh safety gate offers hardware-mounted and non-punch installation options, with strong adhesive for secure setup without drilling.

editorial review:

The Derlomum retractable gate can stretch to fit various door and stair widths. The mesh can be fully retracted when not in use, saving room and eliminating the bottom balustrade to prevent tripping hazards as you pass through with full hands. 

Installation is a breeze, as you can set up the safety gate quickly using the included tools. It's perfect for top and bottom stairways, doorways, hallways, and even indoor and outdoor use. The package comes with everything you need: a retractable mesh gate, two brackets, two latches, eight wall anchors, eight screws, and an instruction manual. 

A unique feature of this safety gate is its one-handed operation that allows users to open or close it while carrying other items. The locking mechanism at the top of the gate ensures security by keeping children aged 6-24 months or small-to-medium pets weighing between 10 lbs to 40 lbs safely contained. 

You can trust this high-quality product as it has been tested according to safety standards. Plus, you'll receive lifelong technical consultation and customer service support from dearlomum. Notably, this versatile mesh safety gate offers both hardware-mounted installationand non-punch installation options with its strong adhesive feature. 

The gate provides an exceptional combination of style, functionality, and convenience. It is highly recommended for those seeking a dependable solution to keep children or pets safe within designated areas in their homes without sacrificing aesthetics or ease-of-use.

what we like:

  • Retractable design saves space
  • Non-punch installation with strong adhesive
  • Taller than average gates
  • Easy one-hand operation

what could be better:

  • Escape artists can crawl beneath the fabric space
  • Requires a secure lock feature to prevent pets from opening
our rating:
our rating
84 out of 100

A score in the 80s means most customers will be satisfied. It is a great product, it is high quality and the brand provides good support.

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product questions about Dearlomum Retractable Mesh Safety Gate

  • How does the retractable mesh gate accommodate different door and stair widths?

    The retractable mesh gate can stretch to fit various door and stair widths. When not in use, it can be fully retracted, saving space and preventing tripping hazards.

  • Why is one-handed operation important for this safety gate?

    One-handed operation allows users to open or close the gate while carrying other items, making it more convenient for busy parents or pet owners who need to multitask.

  • How easy is the installation of this product?

    Installation of this product is simple using provided tools like brackets, wall anchors, etc. There are choices available like hardware-mounted installation or non-punch adhesive-strong method which makes anyone comfortable according to their preference.

  • What age range is the retractable mesh safety gate designed for?

    The safety gates are designed primarily for children aged between six months and two years; however, they also work well as barriers for smaller pets weighing between ten pounds to forty pounds.

  • Who should consider buying a Retractable Mesh Safety Gate?

    This versatile device would be recommended if you want an effective solution that safely contains small childrenor small-to-medium sized pets within designated home areas without obstructing style, functionality, and ease-of-use.