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FAFAFROG Smart Anti Bark Training Collar

Product information

The collar stops after six uses to keep from being too harsh. It knows when the dog barks by feeling the dog's throat move.

Product Ratings:

  • our rating
    89 out of 100

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$50 - $55USD

product review and rating of FAFAFROG Smart Anti Bark Training Collar

product features:

  • Safety Function: A safety function pauses the collar's operation after six consecutive activations to prevent excessive corrections.
  • Smart Design: The collar's smart design detects throat vibrations, activating only when the dog barks.
  • Modes: The FAFAFROG bark collar offers four distinct modes for tailored dog training.

editorial review:

The FAFAFROG bark collar is easy to use and very effective. It helps train your dog not to bark too much. This collar has four different modes. These are beep, vibration, both beep and vibration, and another mode that adds a shock feature. You can change modes with a simple press of the M button. 

One great feature of this collar is its smart design. The collar knows when your dog barks because it can feel the vibration in the dog's throat. This means it only works when your dog barks and won't give accidental shocks. If the collar goes off six times in a row, it will stop working for 30 seconds. This makes sure your dog doesn't get too many corrections and keeps them from getting too upset.

what we like:

  • Safety Function: Prevents excessive corrections
  • Smart Design: Activates only when dog barks
  • Multiple Modes: Offers four distinct training modes
  • User-friendly: Easy to change modes

what could be better:

  • Limited Control: No control once activated
  • Sensitivity Level Confusion: Can confuse users
our rating:
our rating
89 out of 100

A score in the 80s means most customers will be satisfied. It is a great product, it is high quality and the brand provides good support.

where to buy:

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product questions about FAFAFROG Smart Anti Bark Training Collar

  • Can big dogs like a German Shepherd use this collar?

    Yes, they can. People have used the FAFAFROG collar on big dogs like German Shepherds and it has worked well.

  • Can a shock collar be used to help a dog stop barking?

    Yes, it can. When used right and with other training methods, a shock collar can help a dog learn to stop barking so much.

  • Does the FAFAFROG collar help dogs stop barking?

    Yes, it does. People who have used the FAFAFROG collar say that it really helps their dogs bark less.

  • Does the FAFAFROG bark collar have any features to keep it from hurting your dog too much?

    'Yes, it does. The FAFAFROG bark collar will stop working for half a minute if it goes off six times in a row. This keeps your dog from getting hurt too much.'

  • Can small loud-barking dogs like a miniature dachshund use this collar?

    Yes, they can. The FAFAFROG collar has been used on small dogs like miniature dachshunds and it has helped them bark less.

  • What are the different ways the FAFAFROG bark collar works and how do you change them?

    The FAFAFROG bark collar works in four different ways beep, vibration, beep plus vibration; and beep plus vibration plus shock. You can change how it works by pushing the 'M' button.