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Redbarn Free-Range Bully Stick Dental Chews

Product information

These dog chews are made of beef and have lots of protein to help muscles grow. They are good for teeth and gums, removing plaque and tartar. They come from cows that are free-range and grass-fed, with no grains, rawhide, or fake stuff added.

Product Ratings:

  • our rating
    88 out of 100

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price range:

$30 - $35USD

product review and rating of Redbarn Free-Range Bully Stick Dental Chews

product features:

  • Protein Content: The high protein content in these chews contributes to muscle development in dogs.
  • Single Ingredient: These beef pizzle treats contain only one ingredient, eliminating grains, rawhide, and artificial additives.
  • Dental Benefits: Chewing these treats promotes dental hygiene by massaging gums and removing plaque and tartar.

editorial review:

Bully stick dog treats made from beef pizzle are a great choice for your pet. These chews have just one ingredient and do not contain grains, rawhide, or artificial chemicals, flavors, or preservatives. They are healthy for your dog. High in protein, these treats help build muscles. Chewing also helps keep teeth clean by massaging gums and scraping away plaque and tartar. 

When choosing bully stick dog treats for your pet, think about the size of the treat and how much fat is on it. Smaller treats might be better for small dogs. Some dogs may not like treats with too much fat. Also, watch out for any coatings that could flake off and make a mess. By picking the right bully stick treat for your pet, you can keep them busy while helping their teeth stay clean and letting them enjoy their natural need to chew.

what we like:

  • High protein content
  • Single ingredient
  • Dental benefits
  • Satisfies chewing instinct

what could be better:

  • Sharp pieces risk
  • Inconsistent fat content
our rating:
our rating
88 out of 100

A score in the 80s means most customers will be satisfied. It is a great product, it is high quality and the brand provides good support.

where to buy:

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product questions about Redbarn Free-Range Bully Stick Dental Chews

  • How do the prices of Redbarn bully sticks compare to other dog chews?

    Redbarn bully sticks can be more affordable compared to some other dog chews. The price may change depending on size and amount, but these treats usually offer good value for their quality.

  • What should people think about when choosing a chew for their dog's teeth?

    When choosing a chew for their dog's teeth, people should think about the cost, how long it takes the dog to chew it, and if it is made from natural ingredients. This helps make sure the dog has a safe and healthy treat.

  • How does Redbarn make sure their products are safe and high-quality?

    Redbarn makes sure their products are safe and high-quality by having a team that tests over 2,500 items each month. This helps make sure the treats are safe, well-made, and consistent.

  • Do Redbarn bully sticks help stop dogs from chewing on things?

    Yes, Redbarn bully sticks can help stop dogs from chewing on things. These treats give dogs something fun and tasty to chew on instead of household items.

  • Why do picky dogs like Redbarn bully sticks?

    Picky dogs like Redbarn bully sticks because they are made from tasty beef muscle. They have a natural flavor that many dogs find hard to resist.

  • Are bully sticks safer for dogs than rawhide chews?

    Bully sticks are safer for dogs than rawhide chews. They are made from only one ingredient and are easier for dogs to digest, which lowers the risk of choking or tummy troubles.