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Virbac VeggieDent FR3SH Dental Chews for Dogs

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Dental chews for small dogs (11-22 lbs) help clean teeth, make breath smell better, and help with digestion. Special Z Shape cleans hard-to-reach spots and made from plants for easy digestion.

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  • our rating
    93 out of 100

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$30 - $36USD

product review and rating of Virbac VeggieDent FR3SH Dental Chews for Dogs

product features:

  • Prebiotic inclusion: CET VEGGIEDENT FR3SH Chews contain a prebiotic, promoting proper digestion and supporting balanced gut flora.
  • Plant-based: Made from plant-based ingredients, these gluten-free chews are easily digestible and contain non-GMO corn with no artificial ingredients or chemicals.
  • Z Shape: The Z Shape design of CET VEGGIEDENT FR3SH Chews effectively removes tartar from hard-to-reach places in a dog's mouth.

editorial review:

CET VEGGIEDENT FR3SH Tartar Control Chews by Virbac are beneficial for your dog's dental health. These treats clean teeth, freshen breath, and support proper digestion. The unique "Z Shape" is designed to remove tartar from hard-to-reach places and enhance the mechanical action of chewing. Many pet owners have seen an improvement in their dog's breath within one day of using these chews, with continued progress over 14 days. 

These dental treats are suitable for small dogs weighing between 11 and 22 pounds. Each bag contains 30 chews that work to reduce tartar and plaque, the main causes of bad breath in dogs. The special Z Shape allows the chew to reach all areas of your dog's mouth, ensuring thorough cleaning. In addition to cleaning teeth and freshening breath, CET VEGGIEDENT FR3SH Chews also promote proper digestion by including a prebiotic known to support balanced gut flora. 

Made from plant-based ingredients, these chews are gluten-free and easily digestible for your dog. They contain non-GMO corn and no artificial ingredients or chemicals, making them a healthy choice for your pet. With only 48 calories per chew, they offer a moderate-calorie treat option that can be given daily to help maintain your dog's dental health between professional cleanings at the vet.

what we like:

  • Prebiotic for digestion
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Z Shape design
  • Cleans teeth and freshens breath

what could be better:

  • Limited size range
  • Higher price
our rating:
our rating
93 out of 100

A score of 90 and above means nearly all customers will be satisfied! It is an excellent product, it is high quality, the brand provides good support, and you likely can't go wrong with this purchase.

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product questions about Virbac VeggieDent FR3SH Dental Chews for Dogs

  • How fast will a dog's breath smell better after using these chews?

    A dog's breath will start to smell better on the first day of using these chews. If they keep using them for two weeks, their breath will smell even better.

  • Why is the 'Z Shape' of the chews important?

    The 'Z Shape' of the chews helps them reach all parts of a dog's teeth, even the hard-to-reach spots. This special shape makes it easier for dogs to chew and clean their teeth.

  • What do Virbac CET VEGGIEDENT FR3SH Chews do for dogs?

    Virbac CET VEGGIEDENT FR3SH Chews help clean dogs' teeth, make their breath smell better, and help their stomachs work well. These chews get rid of the stuff that makes dogs' breath smell bad.

  • Do experts like these dental chews?

    Yes, experts like these dental chews because they have a special approval called the VOHC seal. This means the chews are good for keeping dogs' teeth healthy.

  • Can dogs with food allergies use these dental chews?

    Yes, dogs with food allergies can use these dental chews because they are made from plants and don't have any meat or gluten. They also don't have any bad ingredients or chemicals.

  • Which size dogs can use these dental chews?

    These dental chews are good for small dogs that weigh between 11 to 22 pounds. It's important to pick the right size chew for a dog so it works well and is safe.