Bully Stick Treats in Australia

3 Best Bully Stick Dog Treats

Bully sticks are popular dog treats with numerous health benefits, including easy digestion and dental health improvement. Choose high-quality bully sticks from trusted sources and monitor your dog's chewing sessions for safety. These sticks come in various sizes and shapes to suit all breeds and preferences.

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How to choose The Best bully stick treat:

When shopping for the perfect bully stick treat, there are a few key features to keep in mind. Start by looking for treats made from 100% natural beef that comes from free-range, grass-fed cattle. This ensures that your dog gets a healthy, nutritious treat. Consider whether the bully sticks are odor-free or low-odor. High-quality options go through a special process to minimize their natural smell, making them more enjoyable for you to handle without sacrificing the taste your dog loves. Also, don't forget to choose grain-free and gluten-free bully stick treats if your dog has food allergies or sensitivities. Keeping these features in mind when shopping for bully stick treats, you can rest assured that you're providing your beloved dog with a safe, tasty, and beneficial reward they'll adore.

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Best Bully Stick Dog Treats

  1. #1 Nylabone Power Chew Braided Bully Alternative

    Nylabone Power Chew Braided Bully Alternative reviewNylabone Power Chew Braided Bully Alternative

    product rating:

    • our rating
      87 out of 100

    Nylabone, a well-known company with over 60 years of experience, has developed a unique line of dog chew toys called Natural Alternatives. Among these products is the Power Chew Braided Bully Stick Alternative. This treat stands out because it is cleaner, safer, and free from grease and odor compared to traditional bully sticks. The strong nylon material caters to power chewers, ensuring the toy lasts a long time while keeping dogs engaged and preventing destructive chewing.

    Pet owners report that their dogs are attracted to the genuine braided shape and delicious bully stick taste of these treats. The Power Chew Braided Bully Stick Alternative is also suitable for dogs with allergies to edible chews, offering them a safe and enjoyable option. These chews are gentle on a dog's teeth and gums yet tough enough to withstand up to a month of intense chewing. An added benefit is their ability to clean your dog's teeth, which helps reduce the need for brushing sessions.

    Where to buy in Australia:

    Price range:

    $45 - $50AUD

    What we like:

    • Cleans dog's teeth
    • Appealing braided shape
    • Durable nylon material
    • Safe for dogs with allergies

    What could be better:

    • Not for all dogs' diets
    • Choking hazard risk
  2. #2 WAG Bully Bites Dog Treat, 200g

    WAG Bully Bites Dog Treat, 200g reviewWAG Bully Bites Dog Treat, 200g

    product rating:

    • our rating
      82 out of 100

    Bully stick dog treats provide a beneficial chewing experience for your pet. These chews consist of a single ingredient and are grain-free, making them tasty and crunchy. The 100% natural ingredients contribute to their nutritional value, making them an excellent choice for your dog's diet. As your pet chews on the bully sticks, plaque is removed from their teeth, promoting healthier gums. These treats are high in protein and low in fat, ensuring a well-balanced diet.

    When giving bully sticks to your puppy, it is recommended to start as early as 11 weeks old. Watch their reaction to the new treat since some dogs may experience diarrhea when trying new foods. If this occurs, stop giving the treat for a couple of days before gradually giving it again. Limit their chewing time to one hour per day to prevent overeating. Each stick typically lasts about three days; make sure to discard the remaining 3 cm to avoid any choking hazards. Including bully sticks in your pet's routine will keep them entertained while supporting better dental health.

    Where to buy in Australia:

    Price range:

    $20 - $25AUD

    What we like:

    • Single ingredient treat
    • Dental health benefits
    • High protein, low fat
    • Grain-free

    What could be better:

    • Digestive issues for some dogs
    • Requires supervision
  3. #3 WAG Bully Sticks Dental Chew Treats for Dogs

    WAG Bully Sticks Dental Chew Treats for Dogs reviewWAG Bully Sticks Dental Chew Treats for Dogs

    product rating:

    • our rating
      82 out of 100

    Bully Sticks are popular among dog owners who want high-quality treats with added benefits. These treats are made of 100% natural ingredients, ensuring that your pet gets only the best quality without harmful additives. The dehydrated raw meat in the treats offers essential nutrients while keeping your dog entertained for a long time.

    A significant advantage of Bully Sticks is their contribution to your dog's dental health. The treat's tough texture effectively fights plaque buildup, cleaning your pet's teeth as they chew. So, Bully Sticks are not just a tasty snack but also a practical option for maintaining your dog's overall well-being.

    Where to buy in Australia:

    Price range:

    $60 - $70AUD

    What we like:

    • Natural ingredients
    • Dental benefits
    • Long-lasting chews
    • Good for overall health

    What could be better:

    • Potential allergens
    • Unpleasant odor

Questions About Bully Stick Treats

  • What are the key benefits of giving bully sticks to dogs?

    Bully sticks have many benefits for dogs, making them a popular treat for pet owners. These treats are safe and offer various health advantages for dogs.

    One main benefit of bully sticks is that they are easy to digest. They break down quickly in a dog's stomach, unlike some other chews or treats that can be hard for dogs to digest. Bully sticks are also made from high-protein beef muscle, making them an ideal treat for dogs. Beef is a complete source of amino acids, which help a dog's muscles, brain, skin, and coat.

    Another benefit of bully sticks is their ability to help keep dogs' teeth clean and gums healthy. Chewing on the tough treat helps remove plaque and buildup before it can stick, reducing the risk of gum inflammation and periodontal disease.

    Bully sticks are good for all dogs no matter their breed, age, or size, including puppies that can chew hard food or treats on their own. They come in different thicknesses, sizes, and shapes to fit different preferences and chewing habits.

  • How can I make sure my dog is safe while enjoying a bully stick?

    To make sure your dog is safe while enjoying a bully stick, follow these guidelines:

    1. Buy from reliable sources: Get bully sticks from trusted suppliers to lower the risk of bacterial contamination or low-quality products.

    2. Watch your dog: Always keep an eye on your dog while they chew on a bully stick to prevent choking hazards or swallowing large chunks.

    3. Pick the right size and shape: Choose a bully stick that fits your dog's size and chewing preferences. This will help prevent choking and make sure your pet enjoys the treat.

    4. Limit chewing time: For puppies or dogs with sensitive stomachs, limit their chewing time to 5-10 minutes at a time to avoid overfeeding or possible dental damage.

    5. Take away the last piece: When the bully stick becomes small enough to swallow, remove it from your dog to prevent choking or stomach blockage risks.

    By following these safety tips, you can give your dog a fun and healthy treat while keeping them safe.

  • What should I think about when choosing high-quality bully sticks for my dog?

    When picking high-quality bully sticks for your dog, think about these factors:

    1. Beef source: Choose bully sticks made from grass-fed, free-range cattle to make sure the beef is free from hormones, additives, and chemicals.

    2. How they are processed: Look for slow-roasted and dried bully sticks without chemicals or preservatives to keep nutrients and make a safe, natural chew.

    3. Odor-free: High-quality bully sticks should have little odor for a nice chewing experience for both dogs and humans.

    4. Size and thickness: Find a brand that offers different sizes and thicknesses to fit your dog's needs.

    5. Shape: Bully sticks come in shapes like straight, braided, curled, or ring-shaped chews. Different shapes give different levels of difficulty and can help keep your dog interested while chewing.

    By thinking about these factors, you can give your dog a safe, healthy, and fun treat that helps their dental health and keeps them busy.

  • How often should I give my dog a bully stick?

    How often to give a dog a bully stick depends on things like the dog's size, age, and overall health. In general, adult dogs can have a bully stick once a day, while puppies should only have them two or three times a week. It is important to limit chew sessions to ten minutes or less to prevent overfeeding and possible damage to their teeth and gums.

    Always watch your dog during chewing sessions and take away the bully stick when it becomes too small to keep them safe.

  • Are there different sizes and shapes of bully sticks for different dog breeds?

    Yes, bully sticks come in many sizes and shapes to fit different dog breeds. These natural chews for dogs are made from bull penises, giving a single-ingredient, healthy, and safer option than rawhide treats. Because they come in a wide range of sizes, from 4-6 inch sticks for smaller dogs to 12-18 inch chews for larger breeds, bully sticks can work for dogs of all sizes and chewing preferences.

    Besides different lengths, bully sticks also come in shapes and styles like straight, braided, or curly bully sticks. These different shapes can give various levels of challenge or fun for dogs while also lasting longer or being more durable.

    Bully sticks have many health benefits for dogs. They are easy to digest and made from high-protein beef muscle, giving essential amino acids that help muscles, brain function, skin, and coat. Plus, chewing on these tough treats helps remove plaque and buildup on dogs' teeth, helping their dental health.

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