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CANDURE Soft Padded Reflective Dog Leash

Product information

Strong dog leash made from tough nylon rope and strong metal clips, good for pets weighing 10-55kg. Soft foam handle and shiny threads make it comfy and safe.

Product Ratings:

  • our rating
    87 out of 100

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$15 - $20CAD

product review and rating of CANDURE Soft Padded Reflective Dog Leash

product features:

  • Quality materials: The leash utilizes high-quality climbing nylon ropes and heavy-duty zinc alloy clips for strength and durability.
  • Safety features: Reflective threads enhance visibility during nighttime walks, reducing accident risks for pets and owners.
  • Comfortable grip: EVA-Tech foam padding on the handle ensures a comfortable grip and prevents hand discomfort.

editorial review:

This dog leash review highlights the key features that make it a reliable and safe choice for pet owners. The leash is made from high-quality climbing nylon ropes, ensuring strength and durability. With a 1/2-inch diameter, it is suitable for puppies, medium-sized dogs, and young large breeds weighing between 10-55kg. The heavy-duty zinc alloy clips can withstand rapid impacts of up to 400 pounds, adding to the leash's reliability. 

Comfort and safety are also important in this dog leash design. The EVA-Tech foam padding on the handle offers a comfortable grip while preventing hand discomfort when the dog pulls. Reflective threads woven into the leash enhance visibility during nighttime walks, reducing the risk of accidents for you and your pet. Measuring 5ftlong, this leash provides an ideal balance between control and freedom for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

what we like:

  • Strong materials
  • Reflective threads
  • Comfy grip
  • Various dog sizes

what could be better:

  • Fixed length
  • Hand loop material
our rating:
our rating
87 out of 100

A score in the 80s means most customers will be satisfied. It is a great product, it is high quality and the brand provides good support.

where to buy:

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product questions about CANDURE Soft Padded Reflective Dog Leash

  • What size dogs can use the CANDURE leash?

    Dogs that weigh between 10-55 kg can use the CANDURE leash. It's good for medium-sized puppies and young large dogs.

  • How do the metal clips on the leash stop it from getting tangled?

    The metal clips on the CANDURE leash can turn around in a full circle, or 360 degrees. This stops the leash from getting twisted no matter how much your dog moves around.

  • How does the padded handle make it comfortable to hold?

    The CANDURE leash has a special EVA-Tech foam on the handle. This makes it soft to hold and keeps your hands from hurting when your dog pulls.

  • What is the CANDURE leash made of?

    The CANDURE leash is made of strong climbing nylon ropes that are half an inch thick. This makes it great for many dog sizes and breeds.

  • How long is the CANDURE dog leash and why is it a good length?

    The CANDURE dog leash is 5 feetlong. This length lets dogs have some freedom to explore but still allows their owners to be in control.

  • How does the shiny part on the leash help at night?

    The shiny part, called reflective threads, makes it easier to see the leash in the dark. This helps keep both dogs and their owners safe during nighttime walks.