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Wellness Grain-Free Lamb and Salmon Dog Treats

Product information

Wellness WellBites are dog treats without grain, made with fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables. They give important nutrients and antioxidants. Good for dogs of all ages and sizes, these treats can be used for training or as a tasty snack.

Product Ratings:

  • our rating
    93 out of 100

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$15 - $18CAD

product review and rating of Wellness Grain-Free Lamb and Salmon Dog Treats

product features:

  • Square shape: The versatile square shape allows for easy portioning and accommodates dogs of all ages and sizes.
  • Natural recipe: These treats include fresh meat, whole fruits, and vegetables, providing essential nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Quality ingredients: Wellness WellBites are made with carefully selected high-quality ingredients, ensuring your pet's well-being.

editorial review:

Wellness WellBites are a great choice for dog treats. They combine two types of fresh meat to create a tasty and enjoyable snack for your pet. These small, chewy treats are perfect for training, everyday treating, or just as a delicious snack. With natural ingredients like whole fruits and vegetables, including blueberries and sweet potatoes, your dog will benefit from added antioxidants that help maintain overall health. 

These treats are made with high-quality ingredients carefully chosen by a team of nutritionists, veterinarians, and animal lovers. You can trust that Wellness WellBites do not contain any meat byproducts, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The balanced blend of nature's finest ingredients ensures your pet's well-being is prioritized. Dogs of all ages and sizes can enjoy these treats since there is a suitable natural recipe for every taste preference. 

Though Wellness WellBites may be more expensive than other options on the market, the investment in premium ingredients is worth it for your dog's health and happiness. The square shape of these treats makes it easy to cut them into smaller pieces for smaller mouths or to make them last longer during training sessions. Many dog owners have found that their pets love these treats even if they have been picky about other brands in the past.

what we like:

  • Grain-free recipe
  • Two fresh meats
  • Natural ingredients
  • High-quality ingredients

what could be better:

  • Price increase
  • Limited flavors
our rating:
our rating
93 out of 100

A score of 90 and above means nearly all customers will be satisfied! It is an excellent product, it is high quality, the brand provides good support, and you likely can't go wrong with this purchase.

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product questions about Wellness Grain-Free Lamb and Salmon Dog Treats

  • Why do dogs like Wellness WellBites?

    Dogs enjoy Wellness WellBites because they taste good, feel soft, and have two types of meat. These treats use natural things like fruits and vegetables that make dogs want to eat them and help keep them healthy.

  • Can you use these treats for teaching dogs and giving them snacks?

    Yes, you can use Wellness WellBites for teaching dogs or just giving them a snack. The soft feeling and yummy taste make the dogs want to learn when you teach them with these treats.

  • What are some important parts of Wellness WellBites that help dogs stay healthy?

    Important parts of Wellness WellBites that help dogs stay healthy include meat like chicken or lamb, fruits like blueberries that have good things for their bodies, and vegetables such as sweet potatoes. These parts help give dogs a balanced meal and keep them feeling good.

  • Do these treats use natural things?

    Yes, Wellness WellBites use natural things. They have fruits and vegetables, like blueberries and sweet potatoes. These treats don't have fake colors, flavors, or things to make them last longer.

  • How much do these treats cost compared to others?

    Wellness WellBites might cost a little more than other treats, but people think it's worth it because they use good ingredients that help their pets stay healthy.

  • How does Wellness make sure their products are good quality?

    Wellness wants to give pets the best food by picking ingredients that are good for them. People who know about pet food work together to make the recipes. They use the best parts of nature to make sure pets like the food and stay healthy.