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Buddy Biscuits Low Calorie Bacon Training Bites

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Low-calorie, natural dog treats with a pork liver base and bacon taste, perfect for training. Each has 1.5 calories, no corn, soy, or fake flavors. More than 500 soft treats in each bag.

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    94 out of 100

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$10 - $12USD

product review and rating of Buddy Biscuits Low Calorie Bacon Training Bites

product features:

  • Natural ingredients: These treats contain a natural pork liver base, 1.5 calories per treat, and are free of corn, soy, and artificial flavors.
  • Value for money: The resealable bag contains over 500 treats, offering a cost-effective solution for dog owners requiring numerous treats for training.
  • Size and texture: Buddy Trainers Training Bites have an ideal size and soft texture, making them appealing to dogs during training sessions.

editorial review:

Buddy Trainers Training Bites with natural bacon flavor are a healthy and practical option for training your dog. These small, soft treats are appealing to dogs because of their delicious bacon taste. Made from a natural pork liver base, each treat contains only 1.5 calories and is free of corn, soy, and artificial flavors. The resealable bag has over 500 treats, providing enough for many training sessions. 

The low-fat content makes these treats suitable for dogs with health concerns such as pancreatitis who need special rewards. Finding the perfect small and soft treat for training can be difficult, but Buddy Trainers Training Bites stay moist and have a strong bacon smell that dogs love. These treats are also budget-friendly and offer great value while helping with effective dog training. They fit well in puzzle feeders or trays because of their size, allowing your dog to enjoy working for these tasty rewards.

what we like:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Low calorie
  • Value for money
  • Ideal size and texture

what could be better:

  • Strong smell
  • Packaging issues
our rating:
our rating
94 out of 100

A score of 90 and above means nearly all customers will be satisfied! It is an excellent product, it is high quality, the brand provides good support, and you likely can't go wrong with this purchase.

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product questions about Buddy Biscuits Low Calorie Bacon Training Bites

  • Can these treats be used with dog puzzle toys or games?

    Yes Buddy Biscuits work great with dog puzzle toys or games because they are small and soft. They fit easily into puzzle compartments, making playtime fun and rewarding for your dog.

  • Why are Buddy Biscuits a good choice for training treats?

    Buddy Biscuits are perfect for training because they are small, soft, and tasty. They stay moist and don't dry out quickly. They also work well for dogs that need low-fat and low-calorie treats.

  • Can dogs on special diets eat these treats?

    Yes, dogs on special diets can enjoy Buddy Biscuits. Each treat has only 1.5 calories and no corn, soy, or artificial flavors. They are low in fat, making them good for dogs that need to watch their weight.

  • What is the main ingredient in Buddy Trainers Training Bites, and how many calories do they have?

    The main ingredient in these training bites is natural pork liver, which makes them very tasty for dogs. Each treat has just 1.5 calories, so they can be given often during training without causing weight gain.

  • How do the treats stay moist and not dry out?

    The special packaging of Buddy Biscuits helps keep them moist. The bag is made of good material and can be sealed easily. This keeps the treats fresh and soft for a long time.

  • Is there a difference between bacon-flavored Buddy Biscuits and other flavors when using them for training?

    All Buddy Biscuits flavors work well for training, even though some dogs might like one flavor more than another. Each flavor is made to be very tasty and appealing to dogs, so they stay interested during training.