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Milk-Bone Mini Flavor Snacks Dog Biscuits

Product information

These dog biscuits give important vitamins and minerals, and help clean teeth because they are crunchy. They come in five tastes and are good for all dog sizes. They have few calories so dogs can have them often.

Product Ratings:

  • our rating
    98 out of 100

product review and rating of Milk-Bone Mini Flavor Snacks Dog Biscuits

product features:

  • Health benefits: The treats provide essential vitamins, minerals, and promote dental hygiene with their crunchy texture.
  • Size and calories: The small size and low calorie content make them suitable for all dog sizes and frequent treating.
  • Flavor variety: Milk-Bone Mini's Flavor Snacks offer five flavors, catering to different canine taste preferences.

editorial review:

Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks dog biscuits provide a delightful way to enhance your dog's life. These treats come in five scrumptious flavors: beef, turkey, chicken, bacon, and sausage. They are filled with essential vitamins and minerals to support your dog's overall health. Additionally, the crunchy texture helps freshen breath and reduce tartar build-up. 

The smaller size of Milk-Bone Minis Flavor Snacks Dog Treats makes them suitable for dogs of all sizes. Each treat contains only 5 calories, allowing you to treat your dog more often without worrying about overfeeding. These bite-sized treats are excellent for training or rewarding your beloved pet. Many pet owners find these smaller size treats perfect for their smaller dogs like Chihuahuas or Shih-Poos. Dogs enjoy these treats so much that some even hide them as their secret stash.

what we like:

  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • Dental hygiene benefits
  • Suitable for all dog sizes
  • Low calorie content

what could be better:

  • Artificial flavors
  • Allergen concerns
our rating:
our rating
98 out of 100

A score of 90 and above means nearly all customers will be satisfied! It is an excellent product, it is high quality, the brand provides good support, and you likely can't go wrong with this purchase.

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product questions about Milk-Bone Mini Flavor Snacks Dog Biscuits

  • How many Milk-Bone Mini treats can a dog have each day?

    Dogs can have one treat for every 3-4 pounds they weigh. For example, a 12-pound dog can have 3-4 treats a day.

  • Can these treats be used for training dogs?

    Yes, Milk-Bone dog treats are good for training dogs because they taste good and have a nice texture. They work well as rewards during training.

  • Do these treats help keep dogs' teeth clean?

    Yes, the crunchy texture of Milk-Bone dog treats helps clean dogs' teeth. Chewing on the treats removes plaque and tartar from their teeth which helps freshen their breath and keep their teeth clean.

  • What is in Milk-Bone dog treats?

    Milk-Bone dog treats have ingredients like wheat flour, meat and bone meal, milk, beef fat, salt, and natural flavors. They also have vitamins and minerals to help keep dogs healthy.

  • Can small dogs like chihuahuas eat these treats?

    Yes, Milk-Bone Mini's Flavor Snacks are made for small dogs like chihuahuas. They are small and crunchy, making them easy for little mouths to chew.

  • What flavors do Milk-Bone Mini's Flavor Snacks come in?

    Milk-Bone Mini's Flavor Snacks come in tasty flavors like beef, turkey, chicken, bacon, and sausage.