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Country Brook Design Martingale Nylon Dog Collar

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This collar can change size to fit growing dogs. It's strong and comfortable. It has metal parts and bright colors that look nice. It's tough and can hold big dogs up to 90lbs.

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    93 out of 100

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product review and rating of Country Brook Design Martingale Nylon Dog Collar

product features:

  • Adjustable sizing: The collar's adjustable sizing caters to growing dogs, ensuring a secure yet comfortable fit.
  • Aesthetic appeal: The all-metal parts and vibrant colors enhance the collar's aesthetic appeal, making it stylish as well as functional.
  • Durability: The collar's robust construction and large metal ring ensure durability, even with strong dogs up to 90lbs.

editorial review:

Martingale collars are special dog collars. They don't have a buckle and are designed to slip over the dog's head. They tighten when pulled, which makes them good for training. 

These collars look nice. They come in many bright colors and have shiny metal parts. The collar is made from smooth nylon webbing for your pet's comfort. You can adjust the collar to make it fit just right. It has a large metal ring and is wide, which makes it strong and long-lasting. This means it's good for big breeds like pitbulls. Puppies who like to chew on their collars might not like this one because it's thick.

what we like:

  • Adjustable Sizing: Perfect for growing dogs
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Stylish and functional design
  • Durability: Robust construction for strong dogs
  • Martingale Style: Ideal for training purposes

what could be better:

  • Sizing Issues: Inaccurate collar sizes reported
  • Dye Bleeds: Dye may bleed onto dog's fur when wet
our rating:
our rating
93 out of 100

A score of 90 and above means nearly all customers will be satisfied! It is an excellent product, it is high quality, the brand provides good support, and you likely can't go wrong with this purchase.

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product questions about Country Brook Design Martingale Nylon Dog Collar

  • How does this collar change when a dog plays or sleeps?

    This special collar gets tighter when a dog pulls on it during playtime or walks. But when there's no pulling, like when the dog is sleeping or resting, it loosens up. This makes sure it's always comfortable for the dog.

  • Why are these collars good for puppies that are still growing?

    Martingale collars can change size, so they're good for puppies that are growing bigger. These collars get tight when the puppy pulls on them, but they relax when the puppy is calm. This means they're always just right for the puppy.

  • Can people change how big this Country Brook Design martingale collar is?

    Yes People can make this martingale collar from Country Brook Design bigger or smaller. It can fit necks that are between 15 inches and 21 inches around. This makes sure it fits just right on your dog’s neck.

  • Why do big and strong dogs like this collar?

    This martingale collar is made strong enough even for big dogs. It has thick fabric and strong metal parts that won't break easily. Plus, it helps control your pet in a kind way without hurting them.

  • What stuff is used to make these collars and why is it good?

    These collars are made with soft fabric that feels nice on your pet's skin. The metal parts are covered with nickel which makes them really strong and long-lasting compared to plastic ones. So these materials help make sure these collars work well and last long.

  • What's the right way to measure a dog's neck before buying a martingale collar?

    To measure a dog's neck for a martingale collar, one needs to find where the collar would sit, usually near the bottom of the neck. The measurement should be snug but not too tight. This makes sure the collar fits well and is comfy for the dog.