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PetSafe Quick Snap Martingale Collar

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This collar can be made bigger or smaller for different dog sizes. It won't slip off, so dogs can't run away. It works well with other pet things like harnesses. It's made from strong nylon, and animal doctors say it's good for everyday use.

Product Ratings:

  • our rating
    89 out of 100

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$10 - $12USD

product review and rating of PetSafe Quick Snap Martingale Collar

product features:

  • Adjustable size: The PetSafe collar's adjustable sizing feature accommodates a wide range of dog sizes.
  • No-slip design: The no-slip mechanism of the PetSafe collar enhances security by preventing potential escapes.
  • Compatibility: The PetSafe collar demonstrates compatibility with other pet products such as harnesses.

editorial review:

Martingale collars for dogs are a good choice. They are made from durable nylon, making them a better option than standard choke collars. These collars have a special design with a loop that stops your dog from backing out and escaping. This feature is useful if your dog's head and neck are about the same size, as regular collars can easily slip off. 

When you pull the leash, these collars tighten gently. This keeps your dog from escaping without causing any harm or discomfort. Many vets and trainers recommend martingale collars for daily use because they are effective and safe. But it's important to choose the right size for your dog so the collar works well. Some people have had issues with sizing, but these can often be fixed by adjusting the collar or getting a different size.

what we like:

  • Adjustable size for various dog sizes
  • No-slip design for enhanced security
  • Compatible with other pet products
  • Comfortable alternative to choke collars

what could be better:

  • Sizing issues reported by customers
  • Inconsistent quality in some instances
our rating:
our rating
89 out of 100

A score in the 80s means most customers will be satisfied. It is a great product, it is high quality and the brand provides good support.

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product questions about PetSafe Quick Snap Martingale Collar

  • Can all types of dogs use martingale collars?

    Yes, all types of dogs can use martingale collars if they are used right. They don't hurt the dog's neck or fur like some other collars can. But they need to fit right and should not be left on a dog that is alone because they could get stuck on something.

  • How does a collar called a martingale work?

    A martingale collar is made to tighten around a dog's neck if it tries to pull away. It has a metal ring at each end of the collar. When the leash is pulled, the collar gets tighter. But it won't get too tight and hurt the dog's neck.

  • What makes a martingale collar good for dogs?

    Martingale collars are great for dogs that can slip out of other collars because their heads and necks are about the same size. The collar gets snug when pulled on, so the dog can't escape. They're also good for dogs that get scared or nervous on walks.

  • What makes buckle martingale collars different from regular ones?

    Buckle martingale collars work like regular ones but have an extra feature a buckle. This lets you put on and take off the collar without adjusting it every time. This is really helpful for dogs that don't like things going over their heads.

  • Is nylon a good material for these collars?

    Yes, nylon is a great material for dog collars because it's strong but also comfortable. It can handle being used every day and won't hurt your pet's skin or fur.

  • Can puppies wear martingale collars too?

    Yes, puppies can wear martingale collars too. But since puppies grow fast and play a lot, you have to check often to make sure the collar still fits right and is safe.