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HOPET Large Dog Snuffle Mat Puzzle Toy

Product information

This big snuffle mat puzzle toy for dogs is made of top-notch, pet-safe materials. It has a non-slip design, is simple to clean, and encourages slower eating habits.

Product Ratings:

  • our rating
    88 out of 100

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$30 - $36USD

product review and rating of HOPET Large Dog Snuffle Mat Puzzle Toy

product features:

  • Large Size with Hiding Spots: The HOPET large dog snuffle mat has plenty of room for hiding food and treats.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: This puzzle toy is simple to clean - just hand wash or put it in the washing machine when necessary.
  • Promotes Slower Eating: Using the HOPET snuffle mat helps dogs eat slower, which can prevent stomach issues from eating too quickly and may improve their overall digestive health.

editorial review:

HOPET's large dog snuffle mat puzzle toy is a great option for pet owners looking to provide their dogs with fun and stimulating activities. Made from high-quality, pet-friendly fabric, this durable and non-toxic mat ensures your dog's comfort and safety while playing. Its unique design includes four extra feeding pockets, making it an excellent challenge for intelligent or experienced dogs. 

A standout feature of this snuffle mat is the non-slip bottom, which keeps it securely in place as your dog plays. This snuffle mat not only supports your pet's natural foraging instincts but also helps prevent digestive issues by encouraging slower food consumption. Cleaning the mat is easy – simply hand wash or put it in the washing machine to maintain cleanliness for your pets. With its combination of thoughtful design elements and health-promoting features, this snuffle mat puzzle toy is an excellent addition to any dog's playtime routine.

what we like:

  • Slows down eating
  • Suitable for large dogs
  • Easy to clean and dry

what could be better:

  • Smaller than advertised in the photo
  • Might not fit wide dog nose sizes
our rating:
our rating
88 out of 100

A score in the 80s means most customers will be satisfied. It is a great product, it is high quality and the brand provides good support.

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product questions about HOPET Large Dog Snuffle Mat Puzzle Toy

  • How does the snuffle mat puzzle toy help with a dog's digestion?

    The snuffle mat encourages dogs to eat slower, which can help prevent digestive issues such as gulping food and bloating. By slowly foraging through the mat to find the hidden kibble, it aids in better digestion and reduces stomach problems.

  • How do you clean and maintain the snuffle mat puzzle toy?

    Cleaning the snuffle mat is easy – simply hand wash or put it in your washing machine. Regular cleaning helps maintain cleanliness for your pets, ensuring their comfort and health during playtime.

  • Why is this snuffle mat suitable for both small and large dogs?

    The snuffle mat is large enough to accommodate big breedswhile also providing plenty of spots for hiding food. Small dogs can benefit from it too because they can use it as a cozy blanket when resting.

  • How many extra feeding pockets are included in the design of the dog snaffle map puzzle toy?

    This unique design comes with four extra feeding pockets, making it an excellent challenge even for intelligent, experienced breeds to enjoy.

  • Who can benefit from using this product besides active dogs?

    Besides active breeds, the snaffle map puzzle toy would be beneficial on rainy days when outdoor activities are limited. It keeps them entertained indoors, promoting mental stimulation by challenging them.

  • Why does this product have a non-slip bottom feature?

    The non-slip bottom ensures that the snuggle mat stays securely in place while your dog plays with it, preventing any accidental slipping or sliding that could cause injury or disrupt their play session.