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ZMUBB Dog Foraging Puzzle Mat

Product information

Entertain your dog with this foraging puzzle mat, crafted from top-quality polyester for mental engagement and simple cleaning. Comes with an adjustable belt.

Product Ratings:

  • our rating
    85 out of 100

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$40 - $48USD

product review and rating of ZMUBB Dog Foraging Puzzle Mat

product features:

  • Convenience and Easy Cleaning: An adjustable belt makes it easy to fold or secure the feeding mat for easy storiage. Easy machine or hand washing.
  • High-Quality Materials: This snuffle mat is made of durable polyester. It includes interactive features like a center squeaker, five carrots, and crinkle paper.

editorial review:

The slow feeder snuffle mat lets your pet search for hidden treats, keeping them busy and entertained as they eat. Made with high-quality polyester, the mat ensures a safe and durable experience that piques your pet's curiosity through various features like a squeaker at the center of the petal, a row of five carrots, and scattered crinkle paper. 

Not only does this snuffle mat bring joy to your pet, but it also offers convenience for you. The adjustable belt makes it simple to fold or secure the feeding mat as needed, making it easy to transport or store when not in use. Cleaning this enrichment toy is a breeze; simply opt for machine washing or hand washing based on your preference. By including this innovative product in your dog's daily routine, you'll provide both entertainment and mental stimulation to your beloved dog.

what we like:

  • Durable mat material
  • Various textures and hiding places
  • Carrot toys add extra fun
  • Helps slow down eating

what could be better:

  • Non-skid not sticky enough
  • Larger breeds may knock it around more
our rating:
our rating
85 out of 100

A score in the 80s means most customers will be satisfied. It is a great product, it is high quality and the brand provides good support.

where to buy:

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product questions about ZMUBB Dog Foraging Puzzle Mat

  • What materials are used in making this slow feeder puzzle toy?

    The slow feeder puzzle toy is made from high-quality polyester which ensures safety and durability during playtime.

  • How does the snuffle mat keep dogs entertained?

    The snuffle mat keeps dogs entertained by allowing them to search for hidden treats within its various features, such as a squeaker at the center of a petal, five carrots with pouches to hide treats in, and scattered crinkle paper. This stimulates their natural foraging instincts and provides mental stimulation.

  • How can you secure the snuffle mat in place while your dog uses it?

    Users have suggested attaching self-adhesive Velcro strips on both the bottom of the snuffle mat and an old rubber-backed door mat turned upside-down. The Velcro will hold both mats together securely while your dog enjoys playing with it.

  • Why is this product suitable for anxious or high-energy dogs?

    This product is suitable for anxious or high-energy dogs because it engages their senses and challenges their minds through treat-finding activities. It helps tireless or smarter-than-average pets focus on an interesting task instead of getting bored, restless, or destructive.

  • How can I clean this enrichment toy after use?

    You have two options to clean this enrichment toy - either machine washableif preferable; otherwise hand washing would work well too.