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3 Best Dog Gates For Stairs

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Best Dog Gates For Stairs

  1. #1 COMOMY Extra Tall Pet Safety Gate

    COMOMY Extra Tall Pet Safety Gate reviewCOMOMY Extra Tall Pet Safety Gate

    product rating:

    • our rating
      91 out of 100

    One key feature of this extra tall pet safety gate is its adaptability. It's designed to meet the needs of both children and pets, and can easily adjust to fit various spaces in your home, like doorways, hallways, and staircases. The spacious walk-through gate allows you to pass through comfortably while carrying items or holding a child's hand. Plus, the double-lock system ensures enhanced safety by allowing only adults to open the gate.

    Not only does this safety gate provide protection, but it also offers convenience in installation and daily use. With a pressure-mounted setup that doesn't require tools or drilling, it's easy to install in most areas of your home. The gate also features an auto-close mechanism due to gravity, allowing it to close automatically after use without manual input. The door swings in both directions for simple one-handed operation when needed. Constructed from durable steel material that can withstand significant impacts from pets, this safety gate stays stable while keeping your children safe at all times. COMOMY's extra tall pet safety gate is a great investment for securing your beloved ones within your home while ensuring user-friendly operation throughout its usage.

    Where to buy in Canada:

    Price range:

    $230 - $255CAD

    What we like:

    • Extra-tall design
    • Easy walk-through door
    • Fits various sized openings
    • Sturdy and secure construction

    What could be better:

    • Included wall protectors may be insufficient for some situations
    • Slippage issue when installed against non-wall surfaces
  2. #2 Regalo Adjustable Walk Through Gate

    Regalo Adjustable Walk Through Gate reviewRegalo Adjustable Walk Through Gate

    product rating:

    • our rating
      90 out of 100

    The adjustable walk-through gate boasts an extra-wide design, making it ideal for various spaces in your home. It easily expands to fit openings between 29-38.5 inches wide. This height provides an effective barrier for your dogs and even young children, while allowing easy access for adults. The pressure mount design means you can set up this gate quickly without any additional tools, making it a convenient home safety solution.

    Constructed from all-steel materials, the design is high-quality and certified by multiple associations for safety and durability. The user-friendly walk-through door comes with a safety locking feature, making this adjustable walk-through gate an excellent choice for keeping dogs safe and out of trouble within your home.

    Where to buy in Canada:

    Price range:

    $55 - $65CAD

    What we like:

    • Easy to assemble
    • Adjustable width with extenders
    • Convenient walk-through door
    • Effective for pets and children

    What could be better:

    • Sharp edges on latch area
    • Narrow gate opening
  3. #3 Carlson Extra Tall Dog Gate with Small Door

    Carlson Extra Tall Dog Gate with Small Door reviewCarlson Extra Tall Dog Gate with Small Door

    product rating:

    • our rating
      87 out of 100

    The extra tall pet gate is an excellent choice for keeping both large and small pets safe in your home. At 36 inches tall, it prevents larger dogs or jumpers from accessing areas they shouldn't. Its all-steel construction ensures durability and chew-proof protection, making it a reliable solution for pet owners.

    One of the best features of this pet gate is its expandable width, ranging from 29 to 36.5 inches. This versatility allows you to use the gate in various locations such as stairways, doorways, and hallways. The pressure mount system ensures quick and easy setup without damaging your walls or needing tools. You'll appreciate the walk-through door designed for humans while still keeping pets contained. Additionally, there's a small pet door measuring 8 x 8 inches – perfect for allowing smaller pets access while still keeping larger ones restricted when needed.

    Including a 4-inch wide extension kit, you can customize the fit within different spaces throughout your home. When not needed or if you require unrestricted access to an area, simply remove the gate and store it away with ease until next time.

    Besides being practical and functional, this tall pet gate also boasts an aesthetically pleasing high-end finish that complements any decor style while ensuring non-toxic materials are used throughout its construction process. For added security and peace of mind during use, there's a safety-lock mechanism on the small pet door along with wall mounts provided.

    In conclusion, this extra tall pet gate offers a fantastic combination of specific features designed to meet both yours' and your pets' needs while maintaining an elegant appearance that blends seamlessly into various living spaces without compromising quality or functionality.

    Where to buy in Canada:

    Price range:

    $90 - $100CAD

    What we like:

    • Easy installation
    • Sturdy construction
    • Extra tall height for large dogs
    • Built-in small door cat flap

    What could be better:

    • Small door is not suitable for clever breeds

Questions About Gates For Stairs

  • What are the benefits of a hardware-mounted gate compared to a pressure-mounted gate?

    Hardware-mounted gates have many benefits compared to pressure-mounted gates. They screw into wall studs, making them stronger and safer, so even smart dogs can't get through. They're also simpler to install and cause less damage to walls.

    Over time, hardware-mounted gates stay aligned and sturdy, making them a reliable choice for pet owners. Pressure-mounted gates sometimes move and cause wall damage. Gates like these can be easily opened by people, but it's nearly impossible for pets to unlock them. That helps keep your pup safe and in certain areas of your home.

  • Are there dog gates designed for taller or more acrobatic dogs?

    Yes, you can find dog gates made especially for taller or acrobatic dogs. They're built to be stronger and taller than regular dog gates, so they can stop dogs who jump or climb. A hardware-mounted gate that attaches to wall studs or door frames is a solid choice to keep your dog secure. These gates are usually made of metal for extra durability and are easy for people to open but locked tight for pets. For very tall or jumping dogs, consider a gate with a height extension.

  • What width coverage should I look for when choosing a good dog gate?

    When looking for a dog gate, think about the width coverage to make it fit the places you want to keep your dog. Most gates can handle doorways or hallways up to 42.5 inches wide. But some gates can cover wider spaces with extensions you can buy separately. If you need to cover an even bigger area, there are gates that can reach up to 6 feet wide or 87 inches with added extensions. Make sure to measure the spaces in your home before choosing a gate.

  • Is the gate latch easy to operate for humans but difficult for pets?

    A well-built gate latch can be simple for people to open, but difficult for pets. This hardware-mounted gate is strong and safe. Its metal latch needs two fingers on opposite sides of the gate to open, which is easy for people but not pets. The gate is also sturdy, with an all-metal build, and can be installed at different angles, giving you more options to position it. This kind of gate helps people move around while keeping pets securely in place.

  • What materials are most durable for a long-lasting dog gate?

    For a strong and long-lasting dog gate, metal is the best choice. Metal gates can handle energetic dogs and stay strong. A hardware-mounted gate is safer and more stable than a pressure-mounted gate, since it attaches directly to wall studs or door frames. This makes it hard for big or excited dogs to knock it down. Metal locks on gates are also harder for pets to break through. In short, pick a metal, hardware-mounted dog gate for the best durability, security, and life span.

  • Are there any dog gates that can be easily moved or stored?

    Yes, there are dog gates that can be easily moved or stored. These gates are usually lightweight, so they're easy to pick up and move around. Many have a simple hardware-mount installation, which lets you quickly attach and detach the gate from the wall without major damage. Some gates can be installed at an angle, so you don't need perfectly aligned wall studs. When you're not using them, these gates can be folded or taken apart for easy storage.

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